Top 5 places to SHOP in Hanoi

Hanoi is a beautiful city, the capital city of Vietnam where one can find numerous fashion accessories, artefacts, boutiques, paintings from very famous artists across the Vietnam. Right from malls, to street side shopping, Hanoi has plenty of particulars markets for every shopaholic. The Hanoi shopping markets are comparatively cheap and you must be ready to bargain over there, just take care of all your belongings while shopping.

Here are the top 5 destinations to shop when you are in Hanoi

  • The Weekend Night flea(Market)

With the major street attraction of Hanoi is the weekend night market where one can see crowd bustling from evening 7 PM onwards till 11 PM. The market runs three days a week i.e. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The market is very long covering Hang Dao Street, Dong Xuan Market and Old Quarter. It is a favourite spot for food lovers, shopaholics as well as photographers. The decorative lights, artful and colourful stalls, surroundings make it a beautiful view to enjoy.

  • The famous Silver Street, Hang Bac street

The name came from Vietnamese origin as BAC in Vietnamese means Silver, so the name.  The market is running from several hundred years having small retail outlets of jewellery. Do check a few where you can get hold on to cheap as well as expensive fashion jewellery. The market opens at 9 in the morning and closes down at 9 in night.

The best way to reach the market is arriving at the water Puppet theatre and walk till you come to a T junction.

  • The Silk street, Hang Gai Street

Well known for silk clothing, the Hang Gai Street is great when you want to have high quality and very fashionable silk items. The market situated at the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem dist. is a long market (300 mts) having retail outlets offering high end silk dresses, home décor items etc. You can get cheap as well as high profile shops selling Vietnamese souvenirs, art galleries, silk clothing and many more. The market opens at 8 in morning and closes down at 9 in night.

Some of the famous shops in the market are Tan My Design, Thang Long art gallery & Khai Silk. Majority of the shop is for custom made clothing wear you can get your clothes stitched in just a single day. Bargaining at the shops are must over here with.

  • Dong Xuan market

Almost 30 years old market in Hanoi, Dong Xuan market is a soviet style building (4 storeys) where you can find Souvenirs, clothing options, accessories, wet market, fresh farm products etc. The highlight of the market is the Wet market section on the ground floor of the building where all the local shops sell vegetables, sea food, fresh flowers and even pets in one of the back section. With cool tees, school belongings, handicrafts and fabrics in the market, you can get them at very cheap rate. The market opens early in the morning at 6 till 7 in evening.

  • The famous shoes market, Hang Dao Street

With a number of shops selling just a single thing in market, shoes, it is paradise for all shoe lovers. There are hundreds of local shops having mostly women shoes. Men do have dedicated shops in the market but there are numerous options for women to cling on to. A few shops also sell fake brand bags as well as shoes. The market opens at 9 in the morning till it closes at 8 in night.


These are the top 5 places to shop in Hanoi where you can get all the useful things to shop on. Make sure you bargain at each local market with minimum of 50% price cut off. With several markets in Hanoi, these 5 serve the best purpose of all. Do not forget to visit them once when you are in Hanoi.

If you do not wish to shop offline, here is a good Shopping Guide –

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