Finding the right Handyman in Singapore – What you must know

Homes require a reasonable piece of adoring consideration and care. Try not to feel that once the remodels are done, you’re free. As you live in your home, a wide range of things can separate and need supplanting, or you may require an handyman Singapore expert to introduce things like power and web focuses.

On the off chance that you didn’t get it pre-gathered or from IKEA, certain furniture things like beds, racks and work areas, appear to request a science qualification to set up. These might require proficient intercession as well.

That is the point at which you’ll understand the advantages of keeping a jack of all trades’ contact … well, helpful. Here’s a manual for finding a jack of all trades in Singapore.

What amount do jack of all trades Handyman in Singapore cost?

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Before you begin searching for a jack of all trades, it’s useful to have a thought of how much your repairs will cost. Here’s an expected value scope of normal jack of all trades benefits in Singapore:

Task Cost

Supplant entryway handle/hinge $80 to $150

Supplant room door $380

Introduce pictures/racks/mirrors/blinds $60 to $70

Introduce TV brackets $50 to $80

Introduce divider mounted fan $50 to $120

Introduce roof fan $80 to $120

Amass furniture $60 to $80

Introduce cooker hood $120

Supplant spilling pipes From $80

Clear gagged floor trap/sink/latrine bowl $80 to $120

Introduce tap $40 to $60

Introduce shower set $60 to $80

Introduce heater $70 to $150

Introduce basin $90 to $120

Introduce can bowl $180

Supplant light fittings/lights/switch attachment outlet $60

Introduce phone/information points $80 to $120

Painting administrations (per room) From $280

Painting 3-room HDB $800 to $1,280

Painting 4-room HDB $900 to $1,480

Painting 5-room HDB $1,050 to $1,580

Painting 5-room executive $1,780

Jack of all trades Services Singapore

Jack of all trades Services Singapore is presumably outstanding amongst other known organizations giving answers for all your family unit repair and change needs.

These incorporate electrical works, cooling, pipes and painting administrations and in addition general contractual worker work (counting establishment of kitchen hoods, kitchen extras, divider compositions and hanging mirrors), locksmith work and furniture get together.

Be that as it may, costs are on the higher side, so you might need to search around a bit before submitting.


Regardless of its name, KiasuPlumber is really a full-benefit furnish. Aside from pipes administrations, they give electrical, painting and general jack of all trades benefits too.

A family-claimed business, they have been around for a long time and guarantee authorized experts, 24-hour administration and groups positioned around the island so they can react to your call rapidly.

They additionally cited us a portion of the least expensive costs for their administrations, especially to plumb and painting.


ISOHomeCare is a backup of the built up development organization ISOTeam. They brag over 15 years’ involvement in home painting, plumbing, electrical, aircon, ground surface and covering, and waterproofing administrations.

Value insightful, ISOHomeCare is a truly reasonable option in contrast to Handyman Services Singapore too.

Joydom Engineering

Joydom Engineering has an extensive variety of home, mechanical and business support and repair administrations.

Jack of all trades administrations gave incorporate establishment of TV sections, racks, mirrors, pictures, artistic creations, cooker hoods and restroom embellishments, plumbing, electrical and painting.

They even offer a few administrations that are as a rule under the domain of redesign temporary workers, for example, furniture obliteration (i.e. hacking) and entryway and window administrations.

NTUC Home Services

Authoritatively titled NTUC Income Home Services Referral, NTUC Home Services is a prominent free referral benefit for contractual workers for all your home repair and change needs.

The activity scope incorporates electrical, plumbing, cooling, temporary worker work both major and minor, painting, material and even carpentry.

You can ask for a referral for up to 3 benefits in a solitary shape and get an answer giving a free statement inside thirty minutes. is one of many administration coordinating entries where you can post a vocation and get free statements from jacks of all trades in Singapore. It takes into consideration simple examination of administrations and rates.

The frame is a complain free fill-in-the-spaces issue with simple drop-down alternatives for you to choose. Up to 3 contractual workers can get in touch with you with their statements. At the point when the activity is done, you can rate their administrations.

On the other hand, you can look into the contractual workers on their rundown and go specifically to them for a statement.


SGHomeNeeds is another entry where you can post a vocation and get free statements, after which you can choose the supplier you need and contract them.

Inside plan, jack of all trades, circuit testers, bug control, carpentry, jack of all trades, home moving, cleaning and mechanizing keen homes administrations – here is the place you can discover specialist co-ops for all these.

What’s incredible about this site is the means by which exhaustive their rundown of administrations is. Piano movers, scent removers, sound-proofers, stair repairmen, locksmiths, garbage removers – whatever you can envision and a few administrations that you haven’t thought of are all there.


The KaoDim (“work done”) application gives you a chance to post occupations that specialist organizations can react to with their statements. When you enlist the jack of all trades, you pay them specifically.

The scope of administrations is broad: cleaning, plumbing, forced air system, lighting and wiring, home repairs, home redesigns and change, machine repairs, bug control and moving.

What’s more, they likewise offer auto repair and auto administrations, for example, window tinting, re-covering and contact up of scratches.

On the off chance that you have an office, they likewise have contacts to stationery providers, cover cleaners, IT bolster specialists, accountants, security faculty and occasion coordinators. You require it, they’ll see it for you.


Another stage with a versatile application, ServisHero gives you a chance to get free statements for your activity from benefit “Legends”.

The entryway has a huge number of such Heroes so you don’t need to stress over not getting a reaction. You can look at their audits, and there’s a quality rating for you to analyze rates and notorieties before booking the specialist organization you need.

Electrical, plumbing, cooling, jack of all trades, home cleaning and spring cleaning administrations, they are for the most part here.

Is your jack of all trades authorized?

Some time before gig work turned into a thing, there were at that point autonomous jacks of all trades “uncles” who did repairs and minor remodels around the house.

Employing specialists is splendidly basic in Singapore. You do it each time you go to the corner shoemaker or get a home mentor. Yet, there are two or three things to pay special mind to when you enlist independent jacks of all trades: authorizing and protection.

Some handy work, such as pipes, electrical and gas-fitting, require preparing and a permit. Check if your jack of all trades uncle has one, or go through these assets:

Authorized Electrical Worker seek

Authorized Plumber inquiry

EMA manual for employing an authorized electrical laborer

The other interesting point is protection. Handy work may appear to be sufficiently straightforward however there’s dependably a danger of damage.

For his wellbeing and your genuine feelings of serenity, ensure your autonomous jack of all trades is safeguarded and reinforced. A bond is a protection strategy that ensures a contractual worker does his activity – generally the security organization will remunerate you.

Do you have a decent jack of all trades to prescribe?

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