Beautiful Home Decor Tips for Less Money

You think you need a lot of money to make your house or your apartment your space look amazing we’re going to show you that you don’t we’re going to give you tips we’re gonna give you tricks and we’re going to show you all how to do it first tip hands down is definitely to accessorize your home to go with large accessories and few accessories is really a great trick no one wants a cluttered house so try not to buy a lot of small things just a few statement pieces can really change a space and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.

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I think accessories are so key like I’ll walk into like your home and she’ll have something new and I’m like okay where’d you get that and she’ll tell me and I’m like wait you only spent that much money and so she’s kind of Dennis with my home with Lantern so let’s show them that okay you’re gonna think like one costs more than the other but I promise you you’re not going to be able to tell it so that we have two lanterns two lanterns so I love your tip on the oversized accessory we’re gonna give you an example with these two lamps and also a little kind of looks for less now which do you guys at home think cost more money which cost more money Lantern a or Lantern B so she did this to me so I was wrong tell them what cost more money this Lantern here costs less money this is the more expensive they’re so similar scale is the same when you’re trying to knock something off you’ve seen a magazine or on a blog you really want to look at scale color texture and this is an expensive piece antique and it has texture I want this for a hundred and fifty dollars as a gift tell them how much that cost $so see you know you can find great things for not a lot you just kind of have to dig.

You kind of have to look for it so our next tip is all about texture texture texture. Here we are going to give you a few examples on really what texture isn’t and what’s on trend right now today we have two examples one is a table runner and one is layering with a luxury fur look and fur I think like our girlfriend just said it screamed luxury like honestly it’s on trend right now everyone’s doing it people are putting it over couches on chairs texture changes a room just like accessories so it’s definitely a big tip and one we need to all think about and pay attention to today we have the real kind of heavily textured shag fur and then we have one that’s just a little cleaner a little softer but both of them accomplish the same thing and one is more expensive than the other right I love this I love having something real I love having something that’s not again you can go high-low this was a little bit more expensive than this one but again I’m not a lot of people are going to know it and table runners are another really great way to add texture and really change at the table that can be really inexpensive like I love this woven one and this woven black to different looks but you know it’s showing you two different kinds of texture mm-hmm they both can achieve the same thing one has a little bit more pop but they both have variation they both can say luxury they both can create depth to a space.

I know you get a lot of these questions all the time but when it’s it’s too much texture um too much is is definitely a fine line so you want to make sure that there’s a balance and you want to make sure that you don’t have too much of anything and my biggest trick is just like in fashion if your eye goes straight to something it is too much so if all you see is fur when you look into a room you’ve gone over when we’ve gone overboard I know okay our next tip it’s actually called the finishing touch and I think this is probably the most important tip because it really makes a room look done tiffany has taught me that and I’m going to show you right now ba the flowers can really change a room add color more again that oversized elements we love bosses that are not clear whenever you receive flowers typically they’re in a clear pause and it’s very difficult to recreate that look on your own at home so I love having something that is ceramic something interesting because the flowers can be really simple but if you have something below it makes it really easy to hide the stems if you cut him too shorter you cut him too long or it’s just you know the water is going Brown these stay beautiful all the time I love the tip about not having a clear vase she actually went through my my bosses and she was like oh my god you have only clear vases and so over the past couple of years I’ve gotten some amazing pieces like I love this one with or without flowers it can be a statement piece on its own the easiest thing for all of you that think you can’t do flower.

s I promise you can you can do out you can do our flowers really well yeah I just love to get a lot get more than you think that you need and fill the vaz as much as you possibly are really inexpensive lilies and in a beautiful voss you have this great pop of color and even if you have nothing on the table and like guy that looks so beautiful and really does change a room so this is one of my favorite tips and I normally have to pay a rate to ask her these questions so you guys are gonna get this for free the tip is where do you shop we want to pick your brain because I think that is what we all want to know I want to know you want to know and I think because she does this and she does it so beautifully we want to know where D shop well before I shop I usually need to either get my inspiration or my clients and inspirations so it’s so important to know what are you shopping for and what is the look that you want and whether it’s a Pinterest page or it’s a book that you’ve put together or your phone that you’ve saved pictures on and I’m some way to communicate what it is that you’re looking for or someone you’re working with so I love shopping everywhere high and low I we’re lucky to live in California we have flea markets we have the Rose Bowl we have Santa Monica I love finds I think everyone loves a treasure or something that tells the story but you can’t have a whole room or most of us can’t don’t have the time or the money so we do need to shop online and I love shopping online at in the morning.